Organic Farming vs Exploitation

Question: In certain regions agriculture is dominated almost exclusively by big companies. Why is it that people do not see the need of organically grown agricultural products? How do you think about it?

Answer: Organic food is grown in a natural way, without chemical fertilizers, without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or any other poison. And, of course, with original, unaltered, unmodified seeds.

Nature provides everything to produce healthy, nutritive fruits, vegetables and grains. There are ways to produce organic fertilizers and there are also natural ways to keep unwanted insects or bugs away from the plants. Eg by planting other plants nearby, that varmints do not like. Plants are perfect as they are. They fulfill a purpose in nature. So there is absolutely no need to do speculative experiments with gene-technic on the seeds, in order to modify the plants. Especially nowadays it should be easy to distribute plenty of vegetables, fruits and cereals to all parts of the world, so that a variety of foodstuff, for a healthy nutrition, can be supplied everywhere.

There are many books and homepages that offer information and education about these topics. The only thing missing is the concern of people due to the promotion of false values in society. One page we would like you to visit is the homepage of the Spoon Revolution:

Generally spoken, all ecologic, health and distribution problems arise with the consume of meat. Farmers and corporations produce more and more crops in less time, but only to feed all the livestock. More than 70% of all agricultural products is fed to livestock. A multiple of the amount of water that is needed to produce one kilogram of grains, vegetables or fruits is required to produce one kilogram of meat. So actually there is already more than enough foodstuff harvested from the fields than what is needed to feed all persons on the planet. And besides the fact that killing animals has a lot of negative consequences on people's consciousnesses, their mental welfare and health, it also exploits Mother Nature more than any other source of food. Do not stay blind before these facts! How can we expect to live happily and in harmony with the environment and ourselves, if we ignore the exploitation of animals and Mother Nature? The laws of nature demonstrate that this is simply not possible.

Production to make profit at all costs is certainly based on the lack of knowledge about the laws of nature. You cannot trick nature. There is always a balance. You cannot take out more than there is. Not even with the most special tricks of scientists. Every single corn or fruit or vegetable produced needs a certain amount of water, earth and other components. Mother Nature provides quite a big stock of natural resources, but supernatural modern production methods consume huge amounts of resources, and produce a lot of pollution at the same time. So it will only be a question of time before this system will result in serious consequences; consequences like the lack of water and unfertile land. Especially in regions where forests have been cut down, we can already see that new deserts and wastelands emerge. Predictions show that the excessive waste of ground water will soon lead to drastic changes of vegetation and climate.

Actually we have to start thinking about the real cost of foodstuff and consumer goods. There are many other important things involved. For example if we buy fruits that were imported from other parts of the world, mostly by big companies, the fruits have already taken up a lot of energy, like oil for transportation and administrative work. So those products are a lot more expensive for Mother Nature than locally produced foodstuff. And small farmers and local suppliers have to close because they can no longer compete with the big companies. So in this way the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

To live in equilibrium with your body and mind, and to satisfy the needs of our soul, we have to appreciate creation, and the gifts we receive from it every day. Blind efforts to make short-sighted profits is not a basis for a peaceful culture, not for now, and not for future generations. Therefore Vrinda started producing naturally grown, organic food with original, unaltered seeds in Yoga Monasteries in various parts of the world. Our Yoga Monasteries have very elevated plans and programms. The goal of Yoga Monasteries is that people can purify themselves, study Vedic scriptures, grow organic food, learn how to cook healthy, vegetarian food, called prasadam, and many more things. The preparation of organic foodstuff, and offering the preparations to the Lord before eating them, positively effects the internal and external well-being of all persons included. And the science of yoga becomes more easily accessible and understandable due to the internal balance.

The customer has the power to support the production of organic food, restrict the production of genetically engineered food and the use of chemical substances simply by buying natural, organically grown foodstuff and not accepting altered food. And preferably buying directly from farmers or local stores. We have to educate and inform ourselves about how to support local communities and the consequences of buying from huge concerns. Especially in rural areas it is also possible to form agricultural communities and grow at least a healthy share of your daily food organically.

As intelligent human beings we must have a higher concept in our lives than just the hunt for the cheapest products; especially when it comes to our daily alimentation. The famous saying 'you are what you eat' is very true. Noone is happy about the bad things that our parents did, and in the same way our children and future generations will not be happy with our irresponsibility towards our environment. The pleasure of human life comes from following ideals in the mode of goodness.