Killing Animals vs. Killing Plants

Question: I heard that plants are also living beings, same as animals. And according to scientists they even feel pain and cry when they get hurt. So why is it that killing animals is bad but eating plants is ok, if both of them have to be killed? Wouldn't it be better to kill one big animal and feed eg 20 people with the meat, than killing many plants to feed the same amount of persons?

Answer: In this world every living being has to live off other living beings in order to survive. But everybody will agree that it is not recommended to cause sufferings to others unnecessarily, as such actions also produce unwanted consequences due to the law of action and reaction (Karma). Therefore it is important to avoid the exploitation of living beings and Mother Nature.

But to make the food free from karmic reactions one should offer it to the Lord before eating it. When we offer the foodstuffs with appreciation to the Supreme Lord the food will become spiritualized and free from reactions. It is then called prasadam, the mercy of the Lord. Such food is spiritually very powerful and it will even get a special taste.

Therefore the Lord explained what is favourable to eat for human beings, and what is not. Meat, fish and eggs are not favourable, and eating them will cause unwanted reactions or suffering. Whereas food, recommended by the wellwishers of all living beings, like vegetables, fruit, milk products, grains, etc are not only healthy and go easy with Mother Nature, but it is also possible to offer them to the Lord. In this way they will surely contribute to the harmony of society and the spiritual evolution of all living beings.

Actually not only the consumer of this prasadam will be benefitted, but also the living entities providing the food, like plants or in the case of milk: cows, will receive the mercy of the Lord. In this way everyone connected to this process will receive the highest benefit.

Generally, if we eat or use something without being grateful, we disregard the creator and maintainer of everything, the Lord Himself. And if we put our selfish interests above all loving recommendations, then the energy of our false ego will blur our intelligence, and it will become difficult for us to distinguish between favourable actions and unfavourable actions. So it is important to be conscious about what goes on our plate. More information can be attained on web pages such as

Without giving love we will not receive love. It is not possible to develop selfesteem without being sincere to oneself and a wellwisher of others.

Offering food does not require great ceremonies, the most important ingredients are sincerity and love. This is what the Lord is looking for: our love and appreciation. So offering the food to God before eating it, is a very nice and easy way to establish a relationship with the Supreme Creator. Ultimately this will bring a lot of joy and freedom to our lives.